See the plant IRL!

This is rumor control:

On Wednesday 2/04/2009 (today) the test plant was transported to Palmhuset in Trädgårdsföreningen - a public green house in central Gothenburg, Sweden not far from the experiment location (due to transportation temperature issues). 

Here, the plant will be taken care of by professional garderners until the day it dies and goes to tomato plant heaven. Feel free to visit the plant IRL for the following weeks/months for as long as it lives. Open weekdays between 10.00 and 16.00.

More info and directions at: www.tradgardsforeningen.se

(If you decide to visit it and talk to it, please say something nice.)


The End

Hello there. 

Once again. Thank you all for participating in this experiment. This is a short news flash to let you all know that we have gathered all the facts and figures from the Interactive Ketchup Growing Experiment : Talk to the plant - and we are currently working on the Official Experiment Report and Hypothesis Testing that will be published at talktotheplant.com within short!

And that’s not all...

...tomorrow we are moving the testplant to it’s terminal station as it will be re-planted at a public green house and garden in Sweden. More news, and images, on that soon!

Also! Stay tuned for the final time-lapse from the experiment, more facts and images and the answer to the question we’ve all been waiting for: Does the human voice have any affect on plant growth?

Ok, 'til then - take care // No one grows ketchup like Heinz