WEEK 7 - HELLO 2009

Hello again. We are closing in on the final part of the experiment. Not a minute too soon it seems, since both plants once again have outgrown the experiment rig. 

As some of you may have noticed, we could not help ourselves from spreading the holiday spirit and add some Christmas decorations during the holidays. Today, however, the little Christmas elves and the Christmas tree ball was removed and once again we are focused on measuring, testing, reporting and participating, right? Here are the last 10 messages sent:

1. love
2. i love you!
3. dd
4. dd
5. what's up?
6. what
7. miaow
8. hi
9. gambare!
10. hi

The usual mix it seems. Our measuring guy is back next week and then we will have the final report on how the plant growth and development really turned out. Until then...

... Happy New Year! // No one grows ketchup like Heinz



Original experiment time was set to six week - and now we are here. 

It’s been decided since start that weekly evaluations should control any decisions to prolong the experiment. With the massive participation (16.300 messages in this writing moment) that has been generated without any advertising - it’s clear that The Interactive Ketchup Growing Experiment has been a much appriciated project and attracted far more attention than expected.

We are currently working on initial evaluations for the test of hypothesis, further investigation and the complete review - but until we reach the point where plants are unable to grow due to room size and we run out of experiment fundings - we have collectively decided to prolong the experiment this year out. 

Hopefully this will result in even higher participation numbers and more messages to the plant. 

Once again, thank you everyone who has participated in the experiment. Keep up the good work!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! // No one grows ketchup like Heinz.


random messages part deux

Hello everyone! Here’s some recent things said to the plant.

karen loves you
slayer rocks
jag och linda ska titta på hey
hej mamma!
tell melinda that i’m running late
dance plant, dance!
liebe kleine pflanze ich hoffe du wachst bald in eine grosse pflanze
monica monica monica monica monica monica monica

Keep em' coming! Thank you for participating. More news within short! 


And what a race it is!

The experiment goes on, and once again the reference plant is in the lead!

The latest measurement shows that the plants has grown seven and ten centimeters since the last one was made. But it's the reference plant that has grown ten! We're feeling flabbergasted, but maybe it's because of the test plant being fed messages like "gogogo you reversed pothead", "bye nerrrrd" and "hey shut up you'll never grow"? We don't know!

But anyway, please keep sending more positive messages!


Rebuilding the rig... again!

Yep. We have outgrown ourselves again. This time, the small pots had to go. 

Bigger, better pots...

...to create the possibility to outgrow ourselves again.

Stay tuned!


Encouraging words

Although the variety of messages sent to our plant is extremely wide, we can still see that positive words make up the majority of them. For a visual representation of which words are the most commonly used so far, just look at the image below!


It's over 10.000!


Today we went over 10.000 written, read and broadcasted messages to our test plant. Good work everyone who has participated so far. We are half-way through the set experiment time and the result is overwhelming. Also, today, as you may have read already - the test plant once again grew past the control plant. Sweet.

And this is message number ten thousand:

"everybody if you can, do the bartman, shake your body, if you can turn it out man"

How about that.

Moving on: Since Sweden, where the plants are situated, is pretty much pitch black this time of the year - we gradually have to increase the amount of artificial light to simulate spring/summer instead of winter. Today, we’re gonna increase the "sun" with one more hour a day.

Which hopefully will make some of our American participants happy, since they’re usually at work when the plants go to sleep over here.

Stay sunny // No one grows ketchup like Heinz.

Back in the lead!

Our test plant has been falling behind the reference plant for quite some time, but todays measurement shows that it's once again back in the lead!

We think this is fairly amazing! The last measurement was taken just this Friday, and the test plant has grown seven centimeters since then (while the reference plant has grown just three)!

Please keep sending more love and encouragement to it!