It's over 10.000!


Today we went over 10.000 written, read and broadcasted messages to our test plant. Good work everyone who has participated so far. We are half-way through the set experiment time and the result is overwhelming. Also, today, as you may have read already - the test plant once again grew past the control plant. Sweet.

And this is message number ten thousand:

"everybody if you can, do the bartman, shake your body, if you can turn it out man"

How about that.

Moving on: Since Sweden, where the plants are situated, is pretty much pitch black this time of the year - we gradually have to increase the amount of artificial light to simulate spring/summer instead of winter. Today, we’re gonna increase the "sun" with one more hour a day.

Which hopefully will make some of our American participants happy, since they’re usually at work when the plants go to sleep over here.

Stay sunny // No one grows ketchup like Heinz.

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