And what a race it is!

The experiment goes on, and once again the reference plant is in the lead!

The latest measurement shows that the plants has grown seven and ten centimeters since the last one was made. But it's the reference plant that has grown ten! We're feeling flabbergasted, but maybe it's because of the test plant being fed messages like "gogogo you reversed pothead", "bye nerrrrd" and "hey shut up you'll never grow"? We don't know!

But anyway, please keep sending more positive messages!

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  1. Unkind words and even kind words spoken with irreverence will adversely affect growth, so please people keep words and tone positive. Pothead can be positive, but is often spoken with derision, as we all too often hear expletives invoking sacred deities derided( oh, for the love of Mike, etc.). so think and speak to the plant with a smile and watch it grow! - btw- eyesclick loves Heinz Ketchup