Original experiment time was set to six week - and now we are here. 

It’s been decided since start that weekly evaluations should control any decisions to prolong the experiment. With the massive participation (16.300 messages in this writing moment) that has been generated without any advertising - it’s clear that The Interactive Ketchup Growing Experiment has been a much appriciated project and attracted far more attention than expected.

We are currently working on initial evaluations for the test of hypothesis, further investigation and the complete review - but until we reach the point where plants are unable to grow due to room size and we run out of experiment fundings - we have collectively decided to prolong the experiment this year out. 

Hopefully this will result in even higher participation numbers and more messages to the plant. 

Once again, thank you everyone who has participated in the experiment. Keep up the good work!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! // No one grows ketchup like Heinz.

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