Up up!

These plants are indeed quite able. Measurements today showed that in just the little time they've been living with us they've both reached a length above 35 centimeters. It's a bit hard to measure them accurately using a ruler, since they aren't exactly straight. But we had to get by with what we had for now.

We're a bit concerned with the plants soon growing out of picture and we're currently discussing how to tackle this particular problem. We will of course keep you posted on the matter.

The pictures were sneakishly screen-captured from the live site by Malin while Stefan was checking out the length and putting up Post-its behind the plants.

A small observation might be in place: Notice that the test plant is a bit shorter than the reference one? It indeed is, but it's on the other hand wider and sturdier. We're not entirely sure what is best and how to properly analyze this situation, but we do know that you should keep on sending your love towards the test plant!

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