Timelapse progress of week two.

We made a little timelapse trailer-ish kind of clip. It shows the progress from first two weeks (almost -  on monday it is two whole weeks) - please feel free to share.

Up next: Extreme out of frame growth requires rebuilding the rig! Stay tuned!


  1. Why don't you allow people to record messages through the microphone on their computers?

  2. In the beginning of the project, we decided to go with a voice synthesis only - since it allows some control of what’s beeing said to the plant via profanity filters (hence the *beep* when swearing).

    We really did not want to limit peoples messages, but we didn’t want the plant to experience hate or really really mean messages either - so we finally decided to rule microphones and web cams out.

    (Yeah, we could have done it with an admin - controlling each message. But then it wouldn’t be 100 % live, which we felt was more important.)

    Hope you still find creative ways of expressing your encouraing messages, we have seen (and heard) a lot of messages that proves that’s possible - and thank you for participating in this experiment!

    Stay gold!