A selection of sent messages.

Here’s a list of 10 selected messages from the first week, we felt stood out a bit:

1. no brian. i will not do that with you.
2. please grow big and strong so i can pour you on my veggie burger
3. 100 million dollars
4. you can do it
5. hahah no i’m from istanbul turkey
6. i won’t let the snails get you
7. i want to feel your body, mister ketchup
8. you will taste great on my fries
9. gabby, i love you
10. when dogs bark. please smile. do not throw stones.

The most common message? It’s not that surprisingly "grow" or "grow plant".

Stay tuned//No one grows ketchup like Heinz.


  1. I've been listening for about half an hour and I've heard "grow, baby, grow" many, many times.

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  2. That seems to be THE thing people say to plants yes... Nevertheless, we really appreciate the participation! Thank you! Stay sharp.

  3. This is really a great experiment!

  4. The person from Istanbul that actually manage to have a conversation with the plant is impressive.

  5. this is great! you guys will have a couple 1000 more post because i will forward the site to my many feeds...i just wrote :tomorrow you will produce better oxygen...
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    thanks all keep up the good work

  6. Why is it dark? I can't see the plant!

  7. Hi!
    It's dark because it's night here in Sweden. We have a special type of light for the plants and they, just like us, need to "sleep". Hence the light goes off automatically each night and on again in the morning, simulating the cycles of the sunrise and sunset.