"No, it's not Glögg" and new measurements.

We water the plants everyday, and no, we don't use Glögg when we do it.

This morning we measured the plants once again, and the reference plant is once again in the lead!

To help the test plant out, please send as much encouraging words to it as possible. If they do any good, you must help us prove it!

We're still working on a solution to the height-issue and we've got a few ideas, but it might involve "re-rigging" the, uhm, rig. So if the live cam feed temporarily goes down, don't panic, it's just us working on improvements!

1 comment:

  1. Putting the esoteric idea aside... add some miracle grow - and put a 1000w growlight above it.
    And a bigger pot would work a treat, too.

    - Greenthumbregierung.