So, we are live!

Yo. Everything is up and running and seems to be working. Good! The initial respons to the project has been predominantly positive so far, but there are some things that needs to be clarified further it seems. We will do a couple of updates to make sure the majority of participants in the interactive experiment are fully aware of these simple things:

1. Yes, this is a live broadcast experiment. There are real plants in a lab room.
2. The plants are situated in Sweden. Therefore, the time zone is UTC/GMT +1 hour. The plants usually sleep around 6-8 hours. And when they sleep, it’s dark.
3. Everything you write is sent to the plant. Everything the plant hear from you is broadcasted live on the site.

There are some minor updates this week to clarify these things. There will also be some tech reports and development reports on the plants along the way. All availeble right here. Keep watching this space for more info on experiment objectives, hypothesis and materials used. 

And keep watching talktotheplant.com for updated time-lapse sequenzes on the plant growth!

Stay tuned.

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