My oh my!

This morning when we came into our office we, as we usually do, opened up http://www.talktotheplant.com to have a look at how our plants are doing. And behold! They're doing great! Just have a look at this picture, showing a shot of the site from this morning right next to the one Malin took yesterday afternoon.

As a side note we think it seems like the test plant now is both taller and sturdier (We'll measure them later)! Could this be because of the huge increase in messages sent to it? Keep'em coming!


  1. I think that words themselves do not have an effect on the plant, but it is rather the meaning (or vibration) people put behind the words. Words are just labels, what makes a difference is the person that wrote something on the label.

  2. Thank you for your input and participation in this experiment Dario! Some people say plants are living things that need living energy from humans, other say plants just need carbon dioxide. We don’t know but we think doing this can at least start the discussion.