LOVE is all we need!

This is rumor control:

Todays measurement shows that our control plant is getting ahead. Are we not giving enough love here? Is the theory of human breath something to consider? Interesting development none the less.

Here are some things said to the plant, that we feel could be a part of the problem:

1. gnnnn fock 
2. mary is hairy
3. this is the strangest life i have ever known

We cannot see how these sentences will provide any help of growth! Most people are still writing positive and scientifically smart stuff - and we need more of that.

Come on now. Spread the love. And help the plant!

Stay nice // No one grows ketchup like Heinz


  1. I guess that "human interaction" is perhaps not best achieved by a "voice synthesized" reading over a loud speaker... That will not give the poor plant the carbon dioxide that we release by breathing in the same room...

    But anyhow, a fun, corny experiment that keeps people talking Heinz. :-)

    Cheers from London

  2. Anonymous: That doesn't really matter! At least I'm not really interested in whether plants need carbon dioxide, we already know that they do ;)

    But will actual words make a difference? Now THAT'S interesting!

  3. I eavesdropped a few minutes and heard a French guy (assumably) asking a Swedish girl (assumably) if she was blonde, via the plant. Now that’s love and human interaction for ya.

  4. Well, that might just make the plant feel even more lonely in that little room.

  5. "Love is all weed" :)