Hello Ann-Margret Nordberg...

... who nursed the plants before we put them in our interactive ketchup growing experiment!

- Hello. I hope they are growing still, I have taken good care of them and talked to them before.

So, you did talk to them?

- Yes, I always talk to my plants and give them oxygen.

What did you say to our tomato plants?

- I told them they are beautiful and that they are growing great. Plants are living things and they need energy. Living energy! I enjoy being in my green house and nurse my plants and I think they appriciate the human interaction.

Great! Thank you for taking good care of them prior to the experiment, we hope it’s ok to publish this conversation in our behind-the-scenes blog?

- Yes of course. Feel free to contact me if you need any more help or advice on how to nurse the plants!

Thank you! We’ll do that!

The baby plants nursed by Ann-Margret.

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